The SPRX R&D Credit Platform

Enjoy the best experience with a platform made
to automate
R&D credits. 

Schedule a discussion with an R&D expert today, and get your R&D credit reports in less than 10 days!

“I’ve looked at all the available R&D credit tools and no one
has the technology SPRX offers.”

– Ron

“We threw out stat sampling now that SPRX lets us analyze every project efficiently.”
– Alex

“I love the revenue sharing model!”
– Bill

How it works…

GRAY tasks are yours, and BLUE tasks are ours.


Gather Data:

Gather all R&D credit related data in native format and upload to a secure SPRX Platform interface.


SPRX Platform:

• Extract and structure data to align with R&D credit requirements

• Predict qualified activities, time, and costs

• Verify predictions with subject matter experts

• Draft analysis memos for each project and employee

• Evaluate supporting documentation

• Compute federal and state credits

• Prepare tax forms, reports, and supporting schedules


Validate & Finalize:

Taxpayer subject matter experts validate predictions through a SPRX Platform interface before finalizing.